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Tyanshine 7-100W Tunable White Cob

Release date:2020-05-06

Due to the continuous advancement of technology and the faster and faster pace of life, the demand for lighting equipment is also increasing,

The single color COB has gradually no longer meet people's requirements,and the new two cct tunable white cob is becoming more and more popular.

Unfortunately,Many other tunable white COB technologies put LED chips with different CCTs into two segments.  As a result, the light output will have multi-shadow and bad color uniformity out of the luminaire.

Our method is to pre-mix the two types of LED light output through volume coating of phosphor (same as normal COB technology) to get rid ofmulti-shadow and provide excellent color uniformity.

Tyanshine’s color tunable white COB series have wide cct range(2800-6500K)), and it's ideal for many applications, including commercial applications such as retail spot lights and even residential applications such as downlights. Imagine a retail store allowing the light color to be changeable based on their display or objects being lit. Or picture a family changing the color temperature of their home to best suit their natural biological rhythms. The opportunities are endless. Tyanshine’s color tunable white COB will expand the market potential for future lighting fixtures and lighting environments.

See more details about our tunable cob products, please click this link: